AutoCAD Quick Tip – Kick start AutoCAD using the STARTUP variable!

OK, so you’ve just started using AutoCAD proper. You’ve just done your Learning AutoCAD course at your local Autodesk Authorised Training Centre (ATC) and you’re ready to go. Here’s a kicker. Did they show you how to utilise the STARTUP variable to your advantage? Many training courses don’t and leave you to use the Select […]

Happy New Year! – My first AutoCAD Quick Tip of 2011!

First AutoCAD Quick Tip for 2011! Happy New Year to you all! I hope you are all inspired and energised for the New Year! If you’re not, may I suggest some VERY strong coffee? It helps! I was working for a client just before Christmas and we came across an issue that sometimes crops up […]

AutoCAD for Mac Goes LIVE!

It’s official! You can now purchase AutoCAD for Mac! (There is also a 30 day trial version available). Check out the promo video from Autodesk here! Loads of nice screen shots of AutoCAD for Mac on a big iMac screen for you to look at! 🙂 To download the 30 day trial version, all you […]

AutoCAD for Mac Reception – 15th Sept 2010 – London

Well, now I can safely say that I love AutoCAD on the Mac! Having now had hands-on experience of the new version of AutoCAD running on a MacBook, I am REALLY impressed. But before I wax lyrical (no, I promise not to sing! LOL), lets just break down my brief review in to sections. I […]

Have any of you tried DWG TrueView yet?

Hey fellow AutoCAD users! I thought it was about time I blogged again, so here it is! I often wonder if there is still that them and us situation in many companies. You know exactly what I mean, them non-AutoCAD users, and us AutoCAD users. OK, so we’re not talking Luddites and the Industrial Revolution […]

AutoCAD Quick Tip: DVIEW with a TWist! – Pt 2

OK, so here we are for the second part of DVIEW with a TWist! So, where were we? We had completed our DVIEW command and were considering how to save our UCS. Now, we have our WCS back to normal (horizontal) and our UCS is set to World (as shown in the drawing to the […]

AutoCAD Quick Tip: DVIEW with a TWist! – Pt 1

I thought I better start blogging again. Just in case you all thought I had disappeared off the face of the earth or something! Nope, still here, just too much going on sometimes! Anyway, you are here for a Quick Tip on AutoCAD so here it is. Just so that you know, I am using […]