Not Just CAD! – The Podcast

Not Just CAD! is the social media brand of CADFMconsultants. The latest part of our social media expansion is the Not Just CAD! podcast. Hosted by Shaun ‘SCB’ Bryant, the podcast contains precisely what it says on the tin – not just CAD. The premise behind the podcast is conversations with guests from all aspects of the CAD & BIM industries, and then some. Shaun talks to the guests about what drives them in their careers and their passion and enthusiasm for what they do. The podcast can be found on Apple Podcasts and Spotify using the links below: –

Not Just CAD! – The Podcast | Apple Podcasts

Not Just CAD! – The Podcast | Spotify

Tinkercad For Dummies – The Book

Did you know Shaun Bryant is the author of Tinkercad For Dummies from Wiley Publishing?

You can purchase the book at the following outlets: –

Amazon UK (.co.uk)CLICK HERE

Amazon USA (.com)CLICK HERE



You can buy the publication as a paperback hard copy or as an electronic eBook, such as on Kindle on Amazon.