Oasys Mail Manager – Manage Those Emails! (Part 1 of 3)

[Written about Oasys Mail Manager – V5.3 SP 1 (Build 490) using Outlook 2007]

I recently had my laptop stolen, along with my passport that is always in my laptop bag in case I need to travel anywhere. Not a nice experience, I can tell you!

Apart from the obvious inconvenience (and mental trauma – feels like part of you is missing), I also realised that I really missed a particular piece of software that I have used for a number of years now. It’s name is Mail Manager. Written by Oasys (the software house of the multi-disciplinary engineering firm ARUP), it’s a superb little application that runs inside Outlook allowing you to manage your email in to either file folders or Outlook folders.

Fig.1 – The Mail Manager dialog box after hitting Send in Outlook 2007

When you hit Send in Outlook, Mail Manager kicks in as shown above (Fig.1) and you can set a location for your email to be filed to. You can also set options for attachments; whether they are filed with emails or not too.

This all gives the opportunity to file emails wherever you need to; project folders, personal folders and any other type of folder you use. I run my own business, so I have plenty of email folders, thanks to Mail Manager. They are all organised and not just stored in my Outlook PST file, which can be lost, corrupted or stolen (in my case, I was able to get all my emails back due to all my Mail Manager folders being backed up).

If you click on the Add Personal Location button (Fig.1), you get the option to select either an Outlook folder or a file folder (see Fig.2). Personally, I use file folders to keep emails separate from Outlook to keep my Outlook PST file size down.

Fig.2 – The Mail Manager option for Outlook folder or file folder

If you look back at Fig.1, you will also see the Options button where you can set your Mail Manager options such as filing attachments separate to emails and so on. You can also click on Send Only which will send the email but not file it. It will end up in your usual Sent Items folder in Outlook. Obviously, Send & File sends the email and files it at your chosen location and Cancel does what it says on the button.

Personally, I love Mail Manager. It sits in the background, minding its own business, until you send an email. Then, it comes to life and helps you organise that necessary evil of pretty much every working life in an office, EMAIL.

I would suggest you download a trial of Mail Manager and give it a go. Check out some of the customer testimonials of some of the companies using Mail Manager and see how it could benefit your whole organisation, not just you too.

Look out for Part 2 of this blog series on Oasys Mail Manager, where I will be talking about more of the features in this small, but very powerful application.

[NOTE FROM SHAUN: I apologise to those you who were following my series on using AutoCAD to measure spaces in an FM environment. I lost all of my material for that series with my stolen laptop. I am going to back it all up from the blog site and continue the series shortly. Please bear with me and thank you for your patience].

You can download a trial copy of Oasys Mail Manager here.

Happy email filing!!!


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