AutoCAD 2015 – A Move to the Dark Side?

I love getting my Star Wars quotes in to my articles and blogs, so when I saw the new AutoCAD 2015 interface, I just had to smile. The Dark Side, right? OK, so, you might be thinking Darth and his cosy little relationship with the Emperor, and those aren’t the droids you’re looking for. However, […]

TEN QUESTIONS – Orphanage Guitars

Sometimes I get the opportunity to meet and talk to some very interesting people in the CAD world, and this year was no exception. This year, I met the Jonathon and Matt Harris, owners of Orphanage Guitars, at Autodesk University 2013 in Las Vegas. Orphanage Guitars are using the Autodesk Product Design Suite to its […]

3 Tips To Work Smarter With Your CAD Systems [LINE//SHAPE//SPACE]

So, how many of you out there are CAD managers and want to work SMARTER with the latest tech, apps and collaboration tools? Need a bit of advice? Considering checking out my blog for LINE//SHAPE//SPACE about 3 excellent tips to work smarter with your CAD systems. More LINE//SHAPE//SPACE blogs to follow! Happy CADD’ing! SB

3 Must-Know Tips to Be a Successful CAD Manager [LINE//SHAPE//SPACE]

So, how many of you out there are CAD managers or have been? Or maybe you want to be a CAD manager and need a bit of background to get that step up? Considering checking out my blog for LINE//SHAPE//SPACE about 3 must-know tips on being a successful CAD manager. More LINE//SHAPE//SPACE blogs to […]

4 Tips to Build and Train a Lean, Mean CAD Team [LINE//SHAPE//SPACE]

I am currently writing a number of blogs for Autodesk for the small/medium enterprises out there who are using Autodesk software. You will find them on the LINE//SHAPE//SPACE blog page. Here is the link to the latest one. I will be posting other retrospective links to the other blogs I have written over the […]

Autodesk 2014 software | Issues with the installer….

Hey guys, long time, huh? Well, I have been asking for that 25th hour in a day, and just this once, I have one. So here is a little blog about some fun and games I have been having this Saturday, courtesy of those lovely people at Autodesk and Microsoft. Not only did it teach […]

Have you seen the NEW Autodesk logo yet?

Wow! Autodesk have a VERY slick new logo! Check it out on Shaan Hurley’s blog, Between The Lines….very cool and based around origami and science….neat concept! Autodesk are moving forward, as usual! Happy CAD’ing! SB

Bond, James Bond…plus an iPad Mini

I am taking a little break from CAD blogs….don’t be disturbed, there will be plenty of CAD blogs in the lead up to Christmas. Remember, a CAD person is for life, not just for Christmas, right? 🙂 So, this blog is called Not Just CAD! for a reason. I sometimes write about stuff other than […]

Autodesk Media Summit 2012 – Opening & Keynotes (Part 2)

Following on from Part 1 of my blog (here) about the Opening and Keynotes at the Autodesk Media Summit 2012 in San Francisco, here is Part 2 where I add the technology keynotes from other Autodesk divisions. 27th March 2012 | Other Technology Keynotes The next up at the lectern was Chris Bradshaw, VP and […]

Autodesk Media Summit 2012 – Opening & Keynotes (Part 1)

The Autodesk Media Summit at One Market in San Francisco was a new experience for me. It was, however, an excellent experience. Slick and well-organised, plus I bumped in to a lot of old friends and made plenty of new ones as well. My special thanks to both Angela Simoes (ADSK) and Stacy Doyle (ADSK), […]