Quick Tip for all CAD users!: A Man on the Moon – Scott Sheppard (Autodesk)

Well, I have a confession to make. I wasn’t born when NASA put a man on the moon but I was born a few month’s afterwards (September). Therefore, it must have been a good year! 1969. JFK promised to get there before the end of the decade (before he was so cruelly assassinated) and NASA kept his promise. Bryan Adams sang about the Summer of ’69 so I guess that year sticks in many people’s minds as the year we reached for the stars and we actually got there.

Mankind has many faults. One of which is to get down when the going gets rough. Watching “Moonshot” the other night (a TV dramatization of the moon landing), I realised that people died to get us on the moon. They died for a cause and we all have a cause. That cause is to be remarkable and make a difference. All of the team involved in the first manned moon landing of Apollo 11; engineers and astronauts alike, believed in their cause and so should we all. Even if it is just to get by in such difficult times. It is tough out there right now but things will improve and things will change. Just believe in yourself like those guys at NASA did. You never know what might happen!

So, why am I waxing lyrical about the 40th anniversary of the moon landing? Well, it marks my 40th year, for one, and secondly, Scott Sheppard’s blog with a copy of an email from the VP of Autodesk Labs inspired me. So, thanks, Scott. You brightened up my day and make me realise that it is NOT all doom and gloom!

Go to Scott’s blog here.

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Happy CAD’ing!


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