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So, are you certified yet? No, I don’t mean certifiable, either! LOL.


Autodesk offer a whole range of professional qualifications when it comes to their software. You can be an Autodesk Certified Professional in AutoCAD, for example. I am Certified in both AutoCAD and Revit Architecture. Autodesk provide examinations to get these Certifications and they reflect on your professional standing. The Professional certification assesses a user’s skills and knowledge of tools and features and common tasks performed in each of the Autodesk products.

As of February 2016, all Certified Professional examinations will be delivered by Certiport ( via their web-based examination portal. Certiport offer all Certified Professionals digital badges for each respective qualification. The digital badges are web-enabled versions of the Professional qualification that give the user the ability to share their skills online in a way that is simple, trusted and can be easily verified in real time, by clicking on the badge in an email signature or on social media, such as Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter.

Autodesk certifications are now some of the most requested qualifications by employers when searching for staff online. So the digital badge makes it easy for a potential employer to check out a Certified Professional’s ability with their respective Autodesk product. All they have to do is click on the digital badge to learn more about the user’s Autodesk skills. For example, the AutoCAD Certified Professional status demonstrates knowledge of dimensioning, basic drawing skills, using hatching and gradients, and more.

My course on, the AutoCAD Certified Professional Prep course, allows you to work through topics that enhance your existing AutoCAD skillset and assist you in preparing for your AutoCAD Certified Professional examination.

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